Andrea Bonioli Trio

Fredag 28 April kl 19:00
Andrea Bonioli Trio är en italiensk jazzensemble från Rom på europaturné under april 2023. I samarbete med Italienska Kulturinstitutet, Istituto Italiano di Cultura Stoccolma, arrangeras en konsert på Baggen. Trion presenterar musik från två album - TODAY. THE COMMERCIAL ALBUM och POP.
Raf Ferrari - piano
Andrea Collella - kontrabas
Andrea Bonioli - trummor
Entré; 180 kr 
Stud, pens 150 kr

Förhandsbokning är möjlig fram till kl.16.00 på konsertdagen.

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“TODAY. THE COMMERCIAL ALBUM  describes today’s society, what it has become, what is left. A society which is increasingly conventional and manipulated by a depersonalizing global technology that makes everyone of us conform to some “clichés” in the way we communicate. Victims and accomplices at the same time.
Far from being a rhetorical or anachronistic critic a la Orwell, the album just aims to highlight and debunk the most ironic aspects of the present times. 
“POP” asks a question… where is jazz going to?
This is a question on which the jazz musicians and jazz' s lovers often racked my brains, trying an unlikely response that maybe does not make sense.
Jazz is just a language with which to express oneself…